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Xev Bellringer - Sloppy Seconds

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on Mar 20, 2018
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    Baby are you still awake? Sorry I'm back later than I thought... all of those guys at the party could hardly keep their hands off me. It felt so good, to be wanted... the way they all moved toward me as soon as I started dancing. So many hands on my body at once... I could even feel their hard cocks rubbing against me.

    Did it tear you up, being stuck at home imagining all of the dirty things I wanted to do to those men... and the things they wanted to do to your girl. You really like that don't you. The fact that I'm still wet, even now when I'm just talking about it. My panties are soaked.

    You were right. I am a little slut. Do you know what I was doing when you called earlier? Something really bad. It's the reason my pussy is dripping. Feel it... I need you inside of me. I'll keep talking if you just... Ohhh yes. Your cock is so slippery, do you feel it gushing out? Baby... that's his cum in my cunt.

    At the party... he couldn't keep his hands off me, and in the back room... he fucked me. But not before I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I can still taste his cum... Ohhh my God, to be used like that... used like the little slut I am, it's exactly what I needed. You like having a slut for a girlfriend, don't you. Keep fucking me, and I'll tell you everything. How it felt getting railed by another man and filled with his seed.

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    Sloppy Seconds

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    Xev Bellringer

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